Spending review Wales: How resilient is your area?

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This series of maps is designed to show the "resilience ranking" of local authority areas in Wales - essentially how vulnerable places are to cuts in public spending.

Based on a range of factors - from the number of high growth business sectors to the average earnings - the lighter areas show the places more likely to fare better in the event of cuts - the darker areas are more vulnerable.

Of all the local authorities, Monmouth is at number 1, the most resilient. Blaenau Gwent is at the other end of the scale, ranked 22, and the least resilient.

A more detailed explanation of the Experian data rankings and the methodology is available here.

A national debate using the Experian findings as a starting point will take place later on BBC One Wales.

Spending Review: The Wales Debate is on BBC One Wales on Tuesday at 2235BST.

As health, policing and council services face the prospect of the most severe public spending cuts in 80 years Betsan Powys and Jason Mohammad talk to those making the savings and those who will be hit by them.

They'll be asking the audience to vote on how they would help balance the books.

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