Tall tales told by speeding drivers in Wales

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Speed camera officials say they have heard almost every excuse in the book

Dodgy curries, sick budgies and phantom hitchhikers are just some of the excuses used by Welsh motorists caught speeding.

The list of top tales from drivers during 2010 has been released by Go Safe, the body in charge of Welsh speed safety cameras.

Among them were the driver who insisted his wife was driving, despite a photo showing a bearded man at the wheel.

Go Safe say that while some of the excuses raise a smile, speeding kills.

"Some of the weird and wonderful excuses people give to justify their speeding and avoid a fine and penalty points do raise a smile but this is a serious issue," said Go Safe manager Jim Moore.

"Just a few miles (per hour) can mean the difference between life and death so we are asking all motorists to work with us by becoming more aware of the speeds they drive at and make our roads safer for everyone."

Its list of top excuses included:

  • "I was trying to sell my car and the person who was clocked by a speed camera was test driving the vehicle."
  • "My ex still has keys to my car and keeps taking it without asking. I haven't reported this to the police."
  • "My budgie was sick and I was rushing it to the vet."
  • "I had a dodgy curry and had to speed to the nearest toilet."
  • "An ice-scraper fell out of a compartment in the door and jammed the pedal."
  • "I picked up a hitchhiker who said they liked my car so I let them drive it. I don't have their name or address."
  • "My car was stolen overnight and returned to the same point. I didn't report this to the police as the first thing I knew of the matter was when a speeding ticket came through my door."
  • "A strong gust of wind pushed my car over the limit."
  • "As I joined the motorway, my car was dragged along in the slip stream of a truck. My brakes aren't very good, so I had to keep pace with it."

The Go Safe manager added: "People can make as many excuses as they like, but the simple fact is that if you don't break the speed limit, you won't get a ticket."

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