People's Assembly 2011

North Wales region map

As Wales prepares for the referendum on more powers for the assembly on 3 March, the BBC has put together the People's Assembly.

It is a group of 60 voters who will help us show how the campaign is playing out in their communities.

Many of them will be giving their views on the BBC Wales news website, TV and radio ahead of the referendum in a few weeks time.

The 60 people from up and down Wales responded to an appeal asking people to make their opinions heard ahead of polling day.

Here, you can meet members of the group from the North Wales electoral region.

Age Home Job Issues
Beth Lewis Beth Lewis



Trainee primary school teacher

Beth feels Wales is too dependent on its public sector and the private sector should be reformed in order to help people. She feels there is far too much bureaucracy in the assembly at the moment and feels there should be less talk and more action, especially when it comes to education, training and creating employment opportunities for young people in Wales.

Margaret Ogunbanwo Margaret Ogunbanwo


Penygroes, Caernarfon

Runs local café and holds cooking classes

Margaret believes we need more organisations offering support for women and that deal with real issues, like abuse. She strongly supports community life and has opened a café in her old village pub where she and her family hold church meetings every Sunday.

Richard Williams MBE Richard Williams MBE



Retired county councillor

Richard supports the assembly in theory but believes it may not be ready for extra powers and believes our politicians need to improve their standard of debate. He's concerned his local authority may have too much power. He would like to see a more rigorous system put in place to ensure a high standard of teachers are employed in Wales.

Jacqueline Anne Harrison Jacqueline Anne Harrison


Acrefair, Wrexham

Works for a large clothing chain

Jacqueline is a computer graduate from Glyndwr University who is concerned higher tuition fees will see education becoming an elite privilege once more. She's worried north Wales will become the "poor cousin" if the assembly gets more power. She'd like to see better disabled access to places like shopping centres in her local area.

Violet Greaves Violet Greaves


Faerdref, Cynwyd, Corwen

Ex-Women's Aid worker and former staff nurse. Part-time Regional Consultant for Home-Start UK.

Violet is a feminist whose main interests are children, families, volunteering, community development and equality. She feels the current pressing issues for rural north Wales are transport and access to services. She would like to see the assembly have the power it needs to succeed in Wales but it will require skilled assembly members to ensure good governance.

Ken Taylor Ken Taylor


Valley, Anglesey

Unemployed builder

Ken is concerned by the lack of jobs in Anglesey. At a time of recession he believes the government should be putting money into construction and creating work. He believes some politicians in London don't care about Welsh issues.

Tanya Gibson Tanya Gibson


Llanddeusant, Holyhead, Anglesey

Unemployed history and journalism graduate

Tanya comes from a low income background and has worked hard to better herself but has found it impossible to find work since graduating. She hates the fact she and her friends have to claim benefits, and have to consider work in England as there are few opportunities in Wales. She believes the current political system alienates real people, which is why so few people vote.

Tom Baker Tom Baker


Dolywern, Glyn Ceiriog

Retired electrical engineer

Tom likes walking his dog and is a keen natural historian. He believes all devolution is progress and wants Wales to set its own agenda when it comes to taxes. He'd like a better transport infrastructure and he can't believe we may not get an electric railway line coming in to south Wales. He welcomes tourism as an essential source of income since other industries left.

Roger Cracknell Roger Cracknell


Treuddyn, Mold, Flintshire

Scientific researcher in industry

Roger was born in England and lives with his wife who is originally from Llanelli and his two children. He travels to work in Cheshire every day, and is concerned that schools and other public services in Cheshire are better funded than those in Flintshire. He worries that the assembly has led people to believe Wales is over-funded. He thinks "enough is enough" and even more power would further strain our relationship with the UK, at a time when we need it most.

Sion ap Glyn Sion ap Glyn


Betws y Coed, Conwy

Substitute teacher

Graduated in politics from Aberystwyth University and says he's finding it difficult to find full time work as a teacher.

Craig ab Iago Craig ab Iago


Llanllyfni, Caernarfon

Local food project co-ordinator

Craig is passionate about increasing the amount of food we produce, sell and eat locally. He feels very strongly about village life and is concerned it's dying as shops, schools and pubs keep closing down. He is part of a community group which raises and donates money to save the local village pub.

Iola Jones Iola Jones



Runs a farm

Iola works on her farm in Corwen and is passionate about restoring fairness within Welsh society. She thinks it's vital hospital patients in north Wales have the right to be treated in England, and believes students across the UK should pay the same level of fees for their education.

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