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Students in Aberystwyth University anti-cuts march


Students have marched through Aberystwyth in a demonstration against university budget cuts.

The protest started at midday at the university and ended at the Old College in the town centre, where managers were meeting at 1400 GMT.

Aberystwyth Guild of Students said the planned cuts would compromise the quality of teaching and learning there.

The university said it had not received details of its grant for the next academic year.

The guild of students president Jon Antoniazzi said: "This is not a protest against any political party or government.

"They (the students) just want to send a clear message to the university's senior management team and governors that they care about the future of the university and Aberystwyth.

"Whilst other universities are clearly investing heavily in their students and the experience they receive through their education, Aberystwyth University is struggling to maintain key services for their students.

"Sports and societies' planned cuts will lead to the possible removal of support, grants and administration to a vital part of university life."

He added: "Reductions over three years across every academic departmental budget is going to undoubtedly compromise the quality of the teaching and learning experience."

But Aberystwyth Vice-Chancellor Prof Noel Lloyd said Tuesday's meeting of the finance and general purposes committee was routine and had been arranged for some time.

He added: "The university has not yet received the details of its recurrent grant for the next academic year from the funding council."

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