Voting registration deadlines approach for election

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Voters have until 14 April to register for the assembly election and AV referendum

Voters are being urged to register so they can take part in the Welsh assembly election on 5 May.

A referendum on changing the way MPs are elected to Westminster will be held on the same day.

The deadline for registering to vote is 14 April.

More information is available from the Electoral Commission through the About My Vote website and its information line - 08003 280 280.

Votes can be cast by visiting a polling station on 5 May from 0700 BST to 2200 BST, by sending ballot papers through the post or by proxy - sending someone to vote on your behalf.

Application forms to vote by person or by post must be received by 1700 BST on 14 April. Proxy voters have until 21 April.

The referendum will decide whether the alternative vote system, where voters rank candidates in order of preference, is adopted for parliamentary general election.

You are eligible to vote if you are 18 or over on 5 May and are either a British citizen, a Commonwealth citizen with leave to stay in the UK, or a citizen of the Irish Republic.

British citizens living abroad cannot vote in the Welsh assembly elections, but can vote in the referendum.

Citizens of other EU countries that have registered to vote can vote in the assembly election, but not in the AV referendum.

The Electoral Commission will produce an information leaflet about election day, which includes examples of ballot papers for the assembly.