Abigail's Wendy house needs Wrexham planning approval

image captionAbigail Gent's Wendy house prompted a letter from Wrexham planners

A father has told how he cut through planning red tape over his three-year-old girl's Wendy house.

Richard Gent put the 7ft (2.1m) wooden structure in the paddock of his rural home in Bronington, Wrexham county, for daughter Abigail to play in.

But when officials spotted it three months later, he was told to apply for planning permission or move it.

He has since won approval to keep it his garden. Wrexham council said the area was a restricted application site.

Richard and Olivia Gent put the Wendy house in the paddock after moving into their home about a year ago.

A letter arrived out of the blue after it was noticed by council officers who were visiting another property.

Mr Gent told the Shropshire Star newspaper that he thought the red tape surrounding the 6ft x 8ft (1.82m x 2.4m) playhouse was "crazy".

He said he understood that the council was technically correct but could not understand why public sector officials were "worrying about such a trifling thing".

The company director said he thought the paddock seemed the sensible place to put the wendy house.

Wrexham council said a previous application for a barn conversion on the site meant the area had strict rules about what could be put up.

A spokesperson said: "The reason planning permission was required was due to previous planning conditions when approval was granted for a barn conversion and a change of use of land for grazing of recreational horses.

"Due to the restricted application site and its relationship with adjoining properties it was considered important to ensure that no additional development is carried out without the permission of the local planning authority.

"Permission for this structure was granted on 8 March 2011."

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