And then there were three ...

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Image caption And then there were three ...

Simon Thomas has dropped out of the race to lead Plaid Cymru and has joined forces with Elin Jones "as her deputy on a joint ticket".

Me: Is this the "Stop Leanne team?"

Simon Thomas: "No! It's the get Elin elected team."

For clarification:

1. When Simon Thomas talked of "playing Fisher Price politics with people's hopes and dreams" he was not referring to the bookies' favourite, Leanne Wood, he says. He was referring to people within the party "who need to remember that excitement doesn't win you elections". Spade work does, along with a serious, bold, relevant policy agenda.

For clarification if needed:

2. Political reporter Mark Hannaby is not standing in the race to lead Plaid Cymru. The three in the race are Elin Jones, Leanne Wood and Dafydd Elis Thomas.

The first of the tv debates between the three candidates will be broadcast on Wednesday night on CF99 on S4C.