Snow and freezing rain warning for south east Wales

South east Wales is facing the worst of a mix of wintry weather overnight bringing snow and freezing rain, forecasters warn.

BBC Wales forecaster Derek Brockway said parts of Monmouthshire and Torfaen are likely to see the most snow.

A Met Office yellow "be aware" warning says up to 5cm (2in) is expected with twice that in some areas.

Mr Brockway said: "Things could change and not everywhere will have snow. Just plain old rain."

The forecast comes as the Met Office warned that much of Wales was at risk of freezing rain - rain falling on to very cold surfaces - on Thursday.

North Wales Police is warning drivers in the Crimea Pass on the A470 to drive with care as icy has brought hazardous driving conditions.

Cardiff council has urged people to help elderly or vulnerable neighbours during the cold snap or warn its Community Alarm Service of those who may need help.

Mr Brockway said there was still uncertainty about how much snow parts of Wales can expect overnight in to Friday.

He said: "Tonight will be a damp if not wet night and in the south and east, Powys and the Marches, the rain will turn to sleet or snow, with the lowest temperatures close to freezing.

"So it will not be as cold as recent nights but given the ground is cold there is a risk of ice forming."

Freezing rain occurs when droplets fall through air with a temperature below zero. They then freeze on impact with the ground, forming a clear ice known as a "glaze".

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Media captionBBC Weather's Nick Miller explains the rare and dangerous weather phenomenon of freezing rain.

Mr Brockway added: "Friday morning will be a real mix, with rain in Pembrokeshire and on the coast.

"Further east and inland some snow is likely with a few centimetres possible, one to two inches, but in parts of Monmouthshire and Torfaen there is a risk of a more.


"Wrexham should escape the worst of the snow and in the north-west rain is likely with snow on the mountains."

Cardiff councillor Judith Woodman, Executive Member for communities, said: "As with the last cold snap, it was heartening to see communities pulling together to help one another and I strongly encourage this."

Wales experienced the coldest night of the winter so far last Thursday with temperatures dropping to -11C (12.2F) in Powys.

There was also some snowfall in parts of Wales last weekend.

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