Thousands join Sport Relief charity runs across Wales

Thousands of people across Wales have taken part in dozens of Sport Relief charity runs.

More than £50m has already been raised with fundraising still to come from the charity runs in which about 1m people were involved.

The event in Cardiff Bay saw TV presenter Gethin Jones and rugby player Richard Parks among the runners.

The money raised will be spent by the Comic Relief charity in the UK and the world's poorest countries.

Jones said: "Well done to everyone doing their miles today.

"It's brilliant to see so many people down here."

Parks and Jones were among a team of eight Welsh athletes and celebrities who took part in a series of events raising money for Sport Relief.

TheFirst Nation Homecompetition saw teams from Wales, England, Ireland, Scotland competing over 1,000 miles at various sports including cycling, running and rowing.

In Cardiff, a total of 3,971 people ran either one, three or six miles.

After completing his 10k run at Cardiff Bay, Parks said a better day could not have been picked.

Image caption TV presenter Gethin Jones celebrates completing his 6m (10k) run at Cardiff Bay

"Last week there have been eight of us racing around the UK, running cycling, rowing and sailing for it all to culminate with the public," said Parks.

"Last week was really tough. We were cranking out about 180 miles a day.

"The rowing was savage. I rowed 28,500 metres - that was one to take for your country.

"The fact that this is supporting Sport Relief is awesome."

Parks' group left Cardiff two weeks ago and cycled to Liverpool, before working their way around the UK to return to Cardiff in time for Wales' Six Nations Grand Slam clincher against France a week ago.

"That was an amazing day," he said, explaining that the prospect of the game was the "carrot" he needed to keep going.

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