Drink-drive victim Mark Boulcott backs Wales campaign

A dental surgeon who lost his wife and was left disabled by a drink-driver is lending his support to a summer crackdown by police in Wales.

Dr Mark Boulcott, from Herbrandston in Pembrokeshire, was thrown from his motorcycle after being hit by the motorist, who had also been taking drugs.

His wife Karen died at the scene and Dr Boulcott was left disabled.

The all-Wales summer campaign against drink-driving began on Friday.

"My wife and I were driving along on a motorcycle, nice and steadily, when suddenly a car pulled out in front of us," said Dr Boulcott, recalling details of the fatal accident in 2006.

"I don't remember a great deal about the time, but my wife died on the scene.

"I was rushed to hospital with a very poor prognosis - I wasn't expected to live through the night.

"My 13-year-old son was informed that his mother was dead and his dad probably wouldn't survive the night."

It later transpired that the driver of the car that hit him was about three times over the legal alcohol limit for driving.

Tests also revealed the driver had class A drugs in his system, and he had not slept for the previous 24 hours, said Dr Boulcott. The motorist was jailed for six years.

"I still walk with orthopaedic aids. I am registered as disabled now," he added.

"The amount of work that I can do - I am a dental surgeon - is very much reduced.

'Ruining lives'

"This one person having a drink that night has massive, devastating economic consequences, not only to my business, where people lost their job because I couldn't work anymore.

"You and I then, as taxpayers, had to fund the judicial system all the way through - including six years in jail... it just goes on."

Last June, police across Wales conducted more than 18,000 breath tests as part of the summer campaign against drinking and driving.

Just over 450 tested positive, losing their driving licences as a result.

South Wales Police assistant chief constable Nick Croft said: "People who drink and drive not only risk killing or seriously injuring themselves, but also someone else.

"It doesn't just ruin the life of the drink driver, but the lives of others innocently associated with them and their actions.

"South Wales Police will not tolerate drinking and driving at any time of the year.

"Throughout the campaign, officers will be out in our communities looking for people who are drinking and driving and endangering other road users."

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