BHF Cymru petition calls to teach life-saving in schools

Resuscitation demonstration
Image caption Some schools do teach ELS skills

A petition has been handed over to the Welsh assembly calling for first aid to be taught to all pupils in secondary schools.

British Heart Foundation Cymru (BHF) wants emergency life support (ELS) skills on the national curriculum, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

BHF says such a move would create a new generation of lifesavers across Wales.

The Welsh petition has collected 4,000 names since being launched in February.

The charity wants to teach children first aid skills, such as resusciation techniques, incorporating them into areas of the existing curriculum.

"If they are properly trained they are as capable as adults and by acting promptly they can prevent disabilities and help save lives," Delyth Lloyd, public affairs manager for BHF Cymru, told BBC Radio Wales.

She said ELS are a set of actions which can "keep someone alive until professional help arrives" such as CPR which can include rescue breaths and chest compressions.

Ms Lloyd acknowledged that while it is not currently a compulsory part of the curriculum some schools do teach ELS skills.

"We'd like to see a new generation of lifesavers across Wales with every child leaving secondary school knowing how to save a life," she said.

Across the UK over 100,000 people have signed the petition.

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