Abigail Williams' help fund given for Kyle Weaver's treatment

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Media captionKyle Weaver needs an operation in the US to help him walk

A couple who raised money to help their seriously ill daughter are giving the money to another child after her condition was found to be incurable.

Kevin and Christine Williams, of Conwy, collected £22,500 to pay for pioneering stem cell treatment for Abigail, seven.

They have now given it to a three-year-old boy with cerebral palsy who lives 10 miles away, but they had never met.

It will help Kyle Weaver, of Llysfaen, walk, and his parents say they are "astounded" by their generosity.

Mr Williams said: "It's not fair for us to have £22,500 sitting in a bank while hoping for a cure that may never come, while another little boy is sick and needs the money for an operation.

"So we hope Kyle's family can make good use of the money."

The couple launched Abigail's Fund to raise money for their daughter, who has the rare Batten disease which affects her mobility and senses.

She underwent unsuccessful stem cell therapy in China and the family hoped she could have further treatment in the US.

Image caption Abigail Williams has Batten's disease which affects her mobility and senses

But they have decided to end Abigail's treatment and give cash from the fund to Kyle. Her father said in the past 12 months Abigail had become a lot more poorly.

"We still owe a large debt of gratitude to the public for what they did for Abigail," said Mr Williams.

"It's Kyle's money now - his needs are more imminent than Abigail's. Hopefully people who donated will understand."

Kyle's parents, Simon and Samantha Weaver, are trying to raise £58,000 for an operation.

Mr Weaver, 36, said: "We are shocked, astounded and amazed at the Williamses' generosity. We can really get going with the surgery now.

"But we have mixed emotions. They have helped us and I wish we could help them, but there's nothing we can do."

The donation to Kyle's Miracle Wish Fund means his operation at the St Louis Children's Hospital in Missouri will now go ahead in May.

A team led by renowned surgeon Dr TS Park will cut Kyle's spinal cord and re-attach it to his legs to improve his mobility in a procedure called selective dorsal rhizotomy.

Mr Weaver added: "The operation itself will cost £28,000 and the physio in America will cost £3,000, plus the cost of flights and hotels to stay there for five or six weeks.

"This huge donation will make a huge difference to us."

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