Wales vs South Africa: Rugby fans' banner on social media

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Media caption"I was absolutely staggered - the whole thing's gone viral," said Liz Shankland, wife of one of the fans

A photo of Wales fans pretending their wives did not know they were in South Africa for the rugby, has been shared thousands of times on social media.

The 12 men, from Bedwas, Caerphilly, held a banner at Wales's 38-16 defeat in Durban on Saturday reading: "Please do not film us, our wives think we are fishing in west Wales."

However, the group was filmed, and the image has been shared on social media.

The £40 banner was printed before the men flew out.

One of the men pictured was Gerry Toms, former Millennium Stadium manager.

His wife, Liz Shankland, admitted she knew her husband was going to South Africa, but said she had no idea about the interest the banner had sparked.

"I was slightly taken aback at the kind of reaction it's had, and also the fact that he looked so jubilant holding it."

She added: "I have been married to Gerry for about 15 years now, so nothing really surprises me."

She said her husband was one of 12 men from Bedwas, on a pub trip, and the banner had been printed for £40.

"It's probably the best £40 that's ever been spent on a piece of marketing material," she said.

Comments on Twitter suggested some users assumed the image was of fans at the football World Cup.

Ms Shankland said: "I think they're all a bit miffed that people thought they were football fans."

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