Shawn Anthony Frazer had 10,000 abuse images on phone

A teenager has been jailed for four years after having 10,000 child sex abuse images on his mobile phone and carrying out sex attacks.

Shawn Anthony Frazer, 19, was caught after taking his phone to be repaired at a shop in Newtown, Powys.

Mold Crown Court heard shop staff had found images on the phone and called the police who discovered thousands, including some of the worst kind.

Frazer, from Welshpool, used an app to download and distribute the images.

As police investigations continued, it emerged that not only had Frazer been looking at images of sex abuse but he had also sexually assaulted or engaged in sexual activity with four children himself.

Frazer admitted 20 charges of making and distributed indecent images, and 15 charges of sexual assault, sexual activity with a child and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Simon Rogers, prosecuting, said forensic analyses of the phone revealed discussions and descriptions of the images with other men in the most graphic of detail.

He was said to have been in conversation with a number of other men, including one in America.

Interviewed, Frazer said that he had tried to delete the images but they re-appeared.

He said that he was shocked at the huge number found on his phone.

John Hedgecoe, defending, said Frazer, who had been in care from a young age, had realised that what he was doing was wrong and had been seeking counselling before the police became involved.

Sentencing Frazer to four years youth detention, Judge Rhys Rowlands said the defendant's behaviour had been "worrying and very, very wrong indeed."

Frazer was ordered to sign on the sex register for life and an indefinite sexual offences prevention order was made to curb his future activities.

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