Warships dock in Cardiff for Newport Nato summit

La Motte Picquet
Image caption French warship La Motte-Picquet inching its way into dock at Cardiff on Wednesday

A flotilla of warships from Nato countries are making Cardiff their home for the duration of the Newport summit.

The anti-submarine frigate La Motte-Picquet was the second largest vessel to arrive ahead of the meeting on Thursday.

It joins the larger Royal Navy Type 45 destroyer HMS Duncan.

The warship, the UK's newest, was recently deployed to the WW1 celebrations in Glasgow and for the Commonwealth Games.

The two ships have been joined by four others:

  • Norwegian Corvette HNoMS Skudd
  • Latvian minehunter LVNS Viesturs
  • Dutch Navy minesweeper HNLMS Urk
  • Lithuanian Navy minesweeper LNS 'Kursis'
Image caption The French warship La Motte Picquet will be the second largest vessel in Cardiff for the summit
Image caption La Motte-Picquet has about 200 crew on board
Image caption A member of the crew looks at a gun on board HMS Duncan
Image copyright Reuters
Image caption The biggest warship at the gathering, the Royal Navy's HMS Duncan, docked on Tuesday
Image caption Lithuanian Navy's minesweeper Kursis and the camouflaged Norwegian corvette Skudd dock next to Roath Lock
Image caption The Motte-Picquet dwarfs the much smaller Latvian warship which arrived at the weekend
Image copyright POLLY THOMAS
Image caption On a smaller scale, a police vessel patrols Cardiff Bay ahead of the meeting of world leaders
Image caption Warships gathered in Cardiff Docks on Wednesday
Image caption Crowds gathered to watch the comings and goings in Roath Basin

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