Scotland Yes vote impact unmistakable on Wales says Hague

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Media captionFormer Welsh secretary William Hague was standing in for David Cameron

A Yes vote in the Scottish referendum would have an "unmistakable" impact on Wales, former Welsh Secretary William Hague has said.

Commons leader, Mr Hague, was responding to Montgomeryshire MP Glyn Davies during Prime Minister's Questions about the issue.

Conservative Mr Davies claimed a Scottish yes vote would have "major damaging implications" for Wales.

The vote on Scottish independence is due to be held on 18 September.

Speaking during Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday, Mr Davies said: "A vote next week in favour of an independent Scotland will have major damaging implications for Wales.

"But does he agree with me that my fellow Welsh citizens who care about the future of our Welsh nation should be hoping and praying for rejection of the break up of the United Kingdom?"

Indirectly referring to his Welsh-born wife Ffion, Mr Hague replied: "I regularly consult with at least one Welsh citizen and on the evidence of that they are very much hoping and praying that the UK will not be broken up and he, I know, speaks very well for his constituents in mid-Wales.

"All us in the United Kingdom would be diminished by the break up of the UK. We are something greater than the sum of our parts and that is well understood across the UK and the impact on Wales would be unmistakable."