Delyn MP David Hanson: Stop migrants reaching Calais

Migrants in Calais Image copyright David Hanson
Image caption The MP saw migrants camped beside railway tracks in Calais

The French authorities should be doing more to stop migrants heading for the UK after reaching Calais, a senior Welsh MP has said.

Shadow Immigration Minister David Hanson, MP for Delyn, said he had seen "bedspreads in bus shelters" and "tents on roundabouts" in the port.

He said migrants should be stopped from entering France in the first place.

Mr Hanson called for Europe-wide action to stop illegal immigrants travelling unimpeded across EU member states.


"What I saw was quite disturbing," he said of his visit to the French port.

"There are many people who are poor, who are dispossessed, who've made tremendous journeys to get to Calais.

"But there's a lack of action I think in terms of both protection of the border and removal by the French authorities.

"We need to have an international European response to make sure we stop people getting to France in the first place."

Image copyright David Hanson
Image caption Migrants are wandering the streets of Calais causing problems for local residents, the MP says
Image copyright David Hanson
Image caption Mr Hanson says Calais has become an 'end destination' for hundreds of desperate people
Image caption The MP is calling for Europe-wide action to stop migrants travelling 'unimpeded' through the EU

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