Libel bill may cost blogger her home after payment deadline passes

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Media captionJacqui Thompson is reluctant to sell her home to foot the bill she owes for libel damages

A Carmarthenshire blogger may have to sell her house after the deadline for her to pay libel damages passed.

Jacqui Thompson had until Friday to pay Carmarthenshire council chief executive Mark James £30,000 after she lost a case against him in May 2014.

Mrs Thompson, from Llanwrda, Carmarthenshire, was sued by Mr James over five posts she made on her blog.

Although reluctant to sell her home, she has acknowledged a letter demanding payment and is seeking legal advice.

The legal row developed in June 2011 after Mrs Thompson was removed from a council meeting and arrested after refusing to stop filming it.

Mrs Thompson also faces a £230,000 legal bill after losing a bid to sue Mr James for libel.

In a statement, Mr James said despite numerous letters to Mrs Thompson asking how she proposed to pay the bill, she had refused to reply.

He added he had no option but to pursue legal means to recover his costs and the damages awarded to him and hoped she would enter into negotiations about how she intended to pay the debt.

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