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Election 2015: Admiral co-founder backs Liberal Democrats

Ty Admiral in Cardiff Image copyright Admiral
Image caption Admiral's headquarters is in Cardiff and it also has offices in Swansea and Newport.

One of the wealthiest business women in Wales has backed the Liberal Democrats saying she hopes any coalition will include the party.

Heather Stevens was a co-founder of Admiral, Wales' only FTSE 100 company.

She was one of 20 business figures to support the party in an open letter that highlighted its environmental record in government.

Mrs Stevens and husband David appeared in the Sunday Times Rich List which valued their wealth at £168m.

They have also given millions of pounds away to charities through their Waterloo Foundation, which Mrs. Stevens chairs.

It is believed she has previously supported the party.

The letter follows:

"Dear Sir/Madam,

When the Coalition took office, both Conservatives and Liberal Democrats pledged to make it the 'greenest government ever'.

Liberal Democrats kept to that pledge. Under the leadership of the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey, they have consistently acted to make this country cleaner, greener and more open to investment in renewables. Some £37 billion has been invested in renewable energy, supporting 460,000 jobs as of 2013, reducing our carbon emissions and improving Britain's energy security.

From setting up Britain's first Green Investment Bank and the first Community Energy Strategy, to battling with the Treasury over critical decisions like the Levy Control Framework or the 4th Carbon Budget, the Lib Dems have an impressive record of achievements on climate change that deserves much wider recognition. The vital EU 2030 deal - that set ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets across the EU - simply would not have happened without Ed Davey's personal leadership, especially through the EU Green Growth Group he established.

We have been impressed with the determination of Liberal Democrat Ministers to fight for the environment agenda - even when they met significant resistance. Their efforts to preserve the UK's natural environment and maintain its biodiversity include planting over a million trees to investing in our coastal paths, establishing 27 Marine Conservation Zones up and down the English coastline, cleaning up over 9,700 miles of rivers and 410 square miles of lakes and estuaries, and introducing a 5p charge on plastic bags from large firms.

We also welcome the prominence the Liberal Democrats have given to these issues in their manifesto vision for the next government - notably their proposed programme of 5 Green Laws on the front page of their manifesto.

With the polls showing that another hung Parliament is likely, we hope - for the sake of the battle against climate change and for our environment - that any Coalition will include the Liberal Democrats. The Lib Dems can secure Britain's progress towards a clean energy future and ensure that our country will continue to play a leading international role on the green agenda.


1. Bruce Davis - Managing Director, Abundance Generation

2. David Hempleman-Adams - Founder, Cold Climates

3. Ray Georgeson - Director, RGR Ray Georgeson Resources Ltd

4. Karl Harder - Managing Director, Abundance Generation

5. Dr Mark Hinnells - Solutions Director, Susenco

6. Cath Ibbotson - Development Director, Coriolis Energy

7. Ben Johnstone - Consultant to Climate Change Abating Businesses

8. Susan Juned - Director, Greenwatt Technology Solutions

9. Harry Malyon - Development Director, Coriolis Energy

10. Vickram Mirchandani - Managing Director, Coronation Power

11. Dave Murray - Managing Director, Coriolos Energy

12. Mark Petterson - Director, Warwick Energy

13. Jeremy Sainsbury - Director, Natural Power

14. Dr Patrick Sheehan - Founder and Managing Partner, Environmental Technologies Fund

15. [Lord] Nicol Stephen - Director, Renewable Energy Ventures

16. Heather Stevens - Chair, Waterloo Foundation

17. Jane Vaus - Project Director, Sustainability Hub

18. William Watts - Director, RAW Energy Limited

19. Esbjorn Wilmar - Chief Executive, Infinergy

20. Louise Wilson - Managing Director, Abundance Generation"