Huw Edwards in Patagonia 150 years after Welsh settlers arrived

Huw Edwards chats to Alejandro Jones
Image caption Huw Edwards chats to Alejandro Jones who farms in the traditional way on land pioneered by his great-grandfather

BBC newsreader Huw Edwards has travelled to Patagonia to mark 150 years since the Welsh set sail across the Atlantic in search of a new life in South America.

His 7,000-mile journey to meet some of the descendants of the first settlers can be seen in a special programme.

It shows Edwards playing a hymn on the harmonium that arrived in Patagonia in 1865 with the Welsh pioneers.

It also explore the prospects for the Welsh language in the colony.

The founding fathers dreamed of building a new Wales across the ocean as a safe haven for the Welsh language.

But by the early years of the last century, the Welsh were being outnumbered and felt they had become second-class citizens.

Patagonia with Huw Edwards can be seen on BBC One Wales at 21:00 BST on 1 June. In addition, Patagonia Huw Edwards can be seen on S4C at 20:00 on 31 May.

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