Calls for government to pay GP out-of-hours insurance costs

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GP Survival said removing insurance costs would improve out-of-hours services

A body representing GPs has called on the Welsh government to pay for insurance to cover doctors working out of hours.

GP Survival told BBC Radio Wales the costs were a barrier to patients being seen and said it was a "particularly pressing" issue in Wales.

It protects doctors from lawsuits and costs more than £15,000 for full time out-of-hours work, the group said.

The Welsh government said it is looking into what action could be taken.

Dr Sophie Quinney, who represents Wales for GP Survival, denied it was a move designed to benefit doctors' pay packets.

"If we want out-of-hours services to run more efficiently in Wales we need more GPs to cover that service," she said.

"This isn't about lining our pockets, this isn't about making more money, this is about making the service more sustainable."