Farmers using app to help keep track of their sheep

Huw Jones
Image caption Data is sent to Huw Jones's mobile phone

Two sheep farmers have started using smartphones to monitor and record their flocks.

A new mobile phone app allows them to record everything from the weight of a lamb to the medicines it is being given, all without leaving the fields.

The Welsh government-funded TAG project also works out when sheep are ready for market.

Huw and Guto Jones, who farm at Mallwyd, Gwynedd, and Llandre, Ceredigion, said it saves them time.

The brothers now carry detailed information about their 1,300 flock of sheep in their hand while shepherding in the fields.

"This new technology is a breath of fresh air," said Huw Jones. "It has made the recording of sheep and lambs' details so much easier and quicker.

"If a problem arises in the field with a lame ewe or a sick lamb, we can search for an ear tag number on the phone and find their medical history.

"The other advantage we've seen is that we can register and read EID (electronic identification) tags for our 800 Welsh mountain sheep at Talyglannau, and do exactly the same with the Llŷn flock of sheep we have on our second farm Elgar in Llandre, Bow Street, even though we have no broadband connection there."

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