Philip Pullman's 'impulse' to support Welsh publishing

Philip Pullman

Author Philip Pullman has said he has a "natural impulse" to support the publishing industry following the Welsh government's decision to cut funds for the Welsh Book Council.

The body's grant has been slashed by 11% for next year.

Mr Pullman told BBC Cymru Fyw the Welsh government has a responsibility towards culture and language.

The Welsh government said it was discussing efficiency savings with the books council.

Mr Pullman, who grew up in Harlech, Gwynedd, wrote the trilogy His Dark Materials, said: "In a sense it's little of my business. In another it's very much my business.

'Natural impulse'

"My education in Wales gave me a lifelong love of the sound of the Welsh language and of the high regard that Welsh people have for poetry and music and culture in general.

"So it was a natural impulse to support Welsh writers, publishers, and others concerned with the production of books in Wales in their protest against the cuts being proposed in the Welsh Books Council's budget."

He added: "In a democratic age, if we want to allow imagination to flourish, subsidy has to come through a democratic route.

"I hope the Welsh government will think again and realise the depth of their responsibility towards the languages of Wales and the culture that they have always expressed so richly."

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