National Museum Wales staff end payments dispute

Museum staff gathered outside the Swansea's National Waterfront
Image caption Staff will be required to work no more than one in two2 weekends as the result of a review of weekend working

Workers at National Museum Wales (NMW) have accepted a deal to resolve a long-running dispute over plans to end extra payments for weekend shifts.

The PCS Union had balloted its members over an improved offer to stop the continuous strikes that have affected its sites since April.

NMW has been attempting to end "premium payments" paid to many frontline staff for working weekend shifts.

Other ad-hoc strikes had taken place over the past two years over the issue.

It will see some of NMW's lowest paid staff having their take-home pay reduced.

Earlier this month, workers were offered a buy-out equivalent to five years' worth of weekend payments, and a 4% pay rise. The lump sum was double the museum's previous best offer.

Depending on how many Saturdays and Sundays they work, the payments for affected staff will range from £163 to £20,000.

The Welsh Government is providing all of the extra money being offered as part of the new deal.

Ministers' support is significant as NMW has previously blamed government cuts to its budget for forcing it to cut the wages of some of its lowest paid staff.

David Anderson, director general, said he hoped all would now move forward together.

"I am very pleased that we have reached an agreement with PCS, and therefore all our recognised trade unions, on the cessation of Premium Payments, and the dispute has come to an end," he said.

"I would personally like to thank visitors for their patience during this time and look forward to offering them - the people of Wales and beyond - a high-quality museum experience."

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