Euro 2016: Football alcohol adverts seen 'once a minute'

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People who watched Wales' Euro 2016 game against England on television saw alcohol marketing almost once every minute during play, a study has found.

It found pitch-side alcohol sponsor adverts were seen 78 times per game on average during broadcasts of the two countries' five Group B games.

So during the Wales and England game, they were seen once every 72 seconds.

Charity Alcohol Concern, which published the study, called for advertising rules to be tightened.

The research looked at advertising during both TV and internet broadcasts.

Alcohol Concern Cymru Director Andrew Misell said: "The volume of alcohol marketing around football is already enormous, and this research shows that alcohol companies are prepared to go to great lengths to get their brands in front of consumers, even when the law says otherwise."

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Image caption Wales lost to England 2-1 in Euro 2016

He raised concerns that young children would see so many alcohol adverts while watching the games.

"We know from our previous research that children as young as 10 are more familiar with major alcohol brands than some popular cakes and snacks, and that many children associate specific beer brands with leading football teams," he said.

"Alcohol marketing drives consumption, particularly in the under-18s.

"Given the sport's massive appeal to children, it's high time to tighten up the rules and kick alcohol advertising and sponsorship out of football."

Dr Chrissie Pickin, executive director of health and wellbeing at Public Health Wales, said: "This report makes uncomfortable reading as it's clear that a huge number of children are being subjected to alcohol branding while innocently supporting their countries playing football.

"Sport should be about promoting healthy lifestyles and inspiring participation, not promoting alcohol consumption."

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