Brexit may hamper child poverty fight says commissioner

Sally Holland

Britain's exit from the European Union could hamper the fight against child poverty, the children's commissioner for Wales has said.

Child poverty has fallen in Wales but Prof Sally Holland said the potential loss of European money could have "negative consequences" on that.

She has called on the Welsh and UK governments to pledge to replace any shortfall.

The UK Government said it was committed to tackling the root causes of poverty.

A person is said to be living in poverty if the household they are in has an income of 60% or less of the median income.

For several years the rate of child poverty in Wales remained at about a third of all children, but last year it fell from 31% to 29%.

Prof Holland believes that work could be undone if the "substantial" amount of European money that goes towards tackling child poverty here is not replaced.

A Welsh Government spokesman said: "The first minister has sought a cast iron commitment from the UK government that Wales will not lose a penny of the £600m of invaluable funding we currently receive from the EU after the UK's exit takes place."

A UK Government spokesman said: "We're committed to creating a Britain that works for everyone and that means tackling the root causes of poverty."

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