Melanoma UK warns of skin cancer risks to motorists

Driver Carl O'Brien Image copyright
Image caption Mr O'Brien: "I don't think a lot of drivers realise how dangerous it is"

A campaign to warn motorists about the dangers of skin damage while driving in the sunshine has been launched.

A dermatologist from skin cancer charity Melanoma UK said many people did not realise they were at risk even if the windows were closed.

Caerphilly minibus driver Carl O'Brien has backed the campaign after undergoing treatment. Precancerous cells were found on his right arm.

"I don't think a lot of drivers realise how dangerous it is," he said.

Dr Christian Aldridge, of Melanoma UK, said: "The windscreen does not protect you from sunlight so you can burn through the windscreen.

'Everything is fine'

"Most people have their right forearm out the window and so you get a lot more contact with the sun on that side."

Mr O'Brien, who has been given the all-clear following treatment, said: "I went to the GP about something else to do with my skin and he found a pre cancerous lesion on my arm.

"I nearly fell of my chair," he said. "Everything is fine now, thank God."

According to Melanoma UK, around 2,400 deaths in the UK last year were due to melanoma, with more than 14,500 new diagnoses.

The charity has joined forces with motoring website to promote the campaign.

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Image caption Dr Aldridge treated Mr O'Brien's arm

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