St David's Day: Dragons and parades among Welsh events

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Celebrations have been taking place to mark St David's Day.

Events at the assembly included a showcase of music from young people and a party for schoolchildren.

Thousands of people took part in parades at several towns and cities across the country.

At a Downing Street reception, Prime Minister Theresa May said Wales is "home to some of the greatest talent and industry in the world".

In St Davids, Pembrokeshire, school pupils and care home residents created dragons which they displayed in a parade through the small city as part of its celebrations.

Bishop of St Davids Joanna Penberthy, Wales' first female bishop, delivered the annual St David's Day message.

Dragons featured in Caernarfon, Gwynedd, where Dewi, the dragon which broke through the ground in Caerphilly Castle last year, was joined by a friend, the newly-created Dwynwen.

And a steam locomotive made a special St David's Day excursion to Cardiff from London.

Image caption Dragons Dewi (l) and Dwynwen entwined on Caernarfon town square
Image caption School pupils took part in the St David's Day parade in Wrexham

The search engine Google has also marked the day with a doodle of a traditional Welsh lovespoon, created by Welsh artist Matt Jones.

He said: "There's nothing quite like the lovespoons in any other country.

"I think it's something worth teaching non-Welsh about. The lovespoons historically are a chance for the wood carver to show off, so I wanted to make a doodle with similar panache."

In the run-up to the day, people from across Wales have been asked to say in one word what the country means to them.

A word map has been created and a series of Welsh-themed images has been created and displayed in the Senedd from the suggestions.

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Image copyright Wales Office
Image caption Prime Minister Theresa May: "Wales is home to some of the greatest talent and industry in the world"

The Downing Street reception welcomed guests from business, media, tourism, sport and charities with some companies showcasing produce from Wales.

Theresa May said the UK government would do "everything it can" to support Welsh business and help create more jobs in Wales.

She added that it was "engaging fully with groups and people from across Wales, including the Welsh Government" to form its Brexit negotiation position.

"As we forge bold new trade deals with old friends and new allies around the world - I want that to mean more jobs in Wales, more exports of Welsh products and more growth for the Welsh economy."

Image caption Cor Heol y March entertained guests at the Downing Street reception

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