£300k for veterans' pensions after British Legion campaign

British Army personnel Image copyright PA

Veterans receiving social care in Wales will get the full value of their war disablement pensions after a £300,000 Welsh Government boost.

It follows a Royal British Legion (RBL) campaign highlighting that some awards to veterans injured in service were being reduced to cover care costs.

It is hoped the move will benefit more than 6,000 veterans.

The money will be given to local authorities to make those pensions exempt from financial assessment.

The RBL welcomed the move, saying it addressed a "historic discrepancy".

Social Services Minister Rebecca Evans said: "We owe our armed forces veterans a significant debt of gratitude, which is why they deserve a fairer deal when it comes to social care.

"Pensions are an important source of compensation for many veterans and ensuring they receive the full amount they are rightfully entitled to will make their life that little bit easier."

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