New rules for moving livestock delayed to September


The implementation of new rules on the movement of livestock have been delayed from 10 June to September.

Farmers said the Welsh Government's regulations were too strict and too expensive, and would be "disastrous" for agricultural shows.

Farmers would have to register a quarantine unit (QU) on their farm in order to move livestock on and off, and avoid six-day standstill rules.

The government said the system was developed with the farming industry.

Currently, if farmers bring new stock on to their farm, the whole farm is subject to a six-day lockdown, where no animals can be moved off.

But there are exemptions for seasonal events like agricultural shows.

A field or a shed separated from other livestock, known as an approved isolation unit, can be used to avoid the rules.

But these isolation units cannot be used under the new rules and farmers must apply and pay for the new quarantine units.

The Welsh Government said it was delaying implementation until after the show season, following representations from unions and industry bodies.

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