Mum given weeks to live after cancer 'misdiagnoses'

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Tina Locke's family would like her to get a treatment which is offered in Germany

A mother-of-two given eight weeks to live after being diagnosed with stomach cancer was initially dismissed as having depression, her family have said.

Tina Locke, 43, from Penygraig, Rhondda, had been feeling unwell for about two years and asked for tests.

But her husband Jason said his wife had been let down after her health complaints were not investigated.

Cwm Taf Health Board said it was looking into the matter.

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Jason has not left his wife's side at the Vale of Glamorgan Hospital since she was diagnosed in April this year

Mr Locke, 51, said his wife had been complaining of pain for about two years but was instead diagnosed with depression.

Despite repeatedly asking for an endoscopy he said she was treated for anxiety and fibromyalgia and given antidepressants.

"She begged and begged for the cameras, she had never been to A&E in her life, my wife always looked well, but she knew her own body," he said.

"My kids are going to be left without a mum, I'm going to be without a wife, she is only 43.

"You just couldn't make it up, it's unbelievable, it's shocking - my heart is just totally broken."

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Tina and John on their wedding day

It was only after she was given an endoscopy that Mrs Locke, mum to Dylan, 15 and James, 24, was diagnosed with signet ring cell adenocarcinoma, a rare kind stomach cancer.

It has spread to the former hairdresser's stomach lining, and her family have said they have been advised by doctors that giving her chemotherapy could cause the tumour to rupture.

Mr Locke said the family were now trying to raise money to get her treatment in Germany after hearing about a woman from Manchester with the same cancer was successfully treated.

"The NHS's view is that she is going to die, but mine is that they owe her her life: if there is even half a chance they owe it to her to try, I am going to fight and fight," said Mr Locke.

A spokeswoman for Cwm Taf health board said: "We are unable to comment on any individual patient and the circumstances surrounding their care.

"However we are aware of this case and an investigation is under way."

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Tina and her 15-year-old son Dylan
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Tina with her son James, a Swansea University student