Hepatitis C: '6,000 in Wales have virus without knowing'

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About 12,000 people in Wales are living with hepatitis C, half of whom have it unknowingly, a charity has said.

The Hepatitis C Trust said many people did not know sharing razors increased their risk of contracting it.

Wales aims to eliminate the virus as a major public health threat by 2030.

Dr Christopher Williams from Public Health Wales said: "Those at risk should consider seeking advice and testing, so they can benefit from treatment if needed."

The Welsh Government has put £12m towards the cost of a new range of medicines called direct-acting antivirals which are highly effective in clearing the virus from infected patients.

The Hepatitis C Trust said while many people understood drug takers were at risk of contracting the virus, less well-known was that sharing household items such as a toothbrush or hair clippers also increased people's chances of getting it.

Dr Williams, a consultant epidemiologist for Public Health Wales, said: "Newer treatments are highly effective at treating hepatitis C and without the side-effects previously caused by interferon therapy.

"The NHS choices website states that combinations of tablets now have a cure rate of more than 90%."

The Hepatitis C Trust will be at St David's Shopping Centre in Cardiff on Saturday, explaining how people can get tested and treated.

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What is hepatitis C?

  • A virus that causes inflammation of the liver
  • Symptoms can take years to develop, but it can cause liver cancer and even be fatal
  • About one in five infected people will clear the hepatitis C virus from their body naturally within six months of infection
  • Many people never develop symptoms of liver disease and may not know they have been infected
  • About 20% of those infected develop cirrhosis (scarring) of the liver within 10-30 years, which can result in liver failure

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