TV presenter 'bit stupid' catching runaway racehorse

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Media captionAt The Races presenter Hayley Moore tackled a loose race horse at Chepstow

TV presenter Hayley Moore has described the heart-stopping moment she caught a runaway horse at Chepstow Racecourse.

Racehorse Give Em A Clump was on the loose after unseating its rider - before evading stewards for almost four miles.

At the Races presenter Ms Moore stepped in and brought the half-tonne animal to a standstill, although she admitted it was possibly a "bit stupid" move.

She said: "I just thought it was now or never."

The drama unfolded at the Welsh course's 15:15 BST race when rider Fran Berry fell off.

Image caption Hayley Moore, who spoke to BBC Breakfast on Wednesday, is the daughter of horse trainer Gary Moore

Ms Moore, the daughter of horse trainer Gary Moore, said she had become concerned for the horse's welfare.

"It had already done a couple of laps of the racecourse, which is quite a long way at Chepstow," she added.

"Horses will get eventually exhausted. He was just running on his adrenaline and already had done a lot of exercise and it was very warm day - so I just thought I'd go for it."

As the horse ran towards her, Ms Moore managed to grab its reins before being knocked to ground - but clung on before bringing the gelding to a halt.

She said: "It was the quickest moving horse that I've tried to catch, hence me falling over when I did it.

"I'm pretty strong, pretty sturdy..... but it was probably a bit stupid to be honest with you."

After capturing the horse, she then dusted herself off, took its saddle off before going back to her day job.

She quipped: "My boss thought it was remarkable... and said it should be a new way of testing screen presenters."

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