'Miracle' baby born weighing 1lb 1oz in Cardiff

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Hallie with parents Robyn and JamesImage source, Family photograph
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Baby Hallie was just 1lb 1oz (500g) when she was born

A baby born weighing just 1lb 1oz (500g) is defying the odds, her mother has said.

Baby Hallie was born to Robyn Bryant and James Dury at 28 weeks after they were told to prepare for the worst.

During the pregnancy, Hallie's legs and arms measured shorter than usual, leaving doctors concerned that she had a genetic issue.

She was delivered via emergency caesarean on Tuesday at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.

Consultants believed Hallie had a genetic or chromosomal condition as she was weeks behind in her development in routine scans.

Further tests showed that she had a number of complications, including a fused kidney, and Robyn, 23, and James, 27, were told Hallie could die in the womb at any time from 20 weeks.

Robyn was in hospital at 28 weeks, months before her January 8 due date for an emergency caesarean.

"When they took Hallie out, they realised my placenta hadn't been working the way it should," Ms Bryant said. "She had been starving of oxygen, which was why she was so small.

Image source, Family photograph
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Robyn said Hallie has defied the odds of survival

"I don't think anyone expected her to be breathing when she came out but she proved them all wrong, and was screaming.

"I wasn't prepared for her to be crying so I was blown away.

"She is absolutely tiny - about the size of my phone.

"She's having a little bit of oxygen but she's practically breathing alone. It's a miracle.

Image source, Family photograph
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Mum Robyn says baby Hallie is about the size of her phone

"We're so grateful to Dr Conner in Fetal Medicine Unit in the Heath, and Dr Watermeyer in Royal Glamorgan. They couldn't do enough for us."

The family expect to spend their first Christmas together in hospital, where doctors expect Hallie to stay until "at least January."

Ms Bryant said: "We could have been so much worse off and she could actually not be here. We're very grateful."