Sex toys, a pet cat and prosthetic leg sent for recycling

By Jared Lawthom & Amanda Cashmore
BBC News

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Skippy the cat has lived at the dump since he was abandoned 13 years ago

"Is this recyclable?" is a question often asked during new year clear outs.

And it seems the usual pre-loved clothing and furniture are not the only items being sent to be reused.

A recycling plant in Neath Port Talbot was evacuated last week after a suspected wartime bomb was found in a scrap bin.

Here are some of the other bizarre things left behind at centres across Wales.

A cat

Skippy the cat was saved from imminent death one Christmas Eve by Nev Morris, who works at a site in St Davids, Pembrokeshire.

He said he heard a noise coming from the compactor and went back to investigate, finding the then kitten in a bag.

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Skippy's favourite food is salmon and he lives at the site at St Davids

Mr Morris said he could not keep the cat at home because he has dogs, so they brought him back to the site.

He added: "He's been rehoused... but after about five days he made a return to the site here.

"Everybody knows him and looks out for him and feeds him and gives him gifts."

When Mr Morris gets into work, he feeds Skippy before the pair go for a walk around the site together

The cat has been living at the site for the last 13 years and has become something of a celebrity in the town and beyond, with people ringing to see how he is.

Animal Placenta

Workers at a recycling centre in Powys were shocked to find placenta amongst some household recycling.

They have confirmed that animal placenta is not something that they recycle, in case there was confusion.

A Sheep

Staff in Caerphilly were shocked to find a dead sheep had been left in a recycling bin.

It was not the only dead animal to be found - workers there were also left an iguana and rabbit.

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Staff at a Caerphilly recycling centre have received a number of dead animals

Sex Toys

Recycling centres across Wales have received a variety of sex toys in recent years, many of which were hidden in suitcases.

An iPad

If you live in Caerphilly and have been missing an iPad for quite some time, it seems you may have sent it away for recycling. Staff at the centre could not believe their eyes when they found it had been left in among the Sunday newspapers.

Artificial Leg

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An artificial leg was found in amongst the household recycling in Newport

It looks like someone in Newport is without an artificial leg or has got a new one, as a prosthetic limb was left at the Tip Shop in Newport.

£600 cash in a pair of shoes

Imagine realising you threw £600 in the bin.

That is what one man did in Gwynedd after forgetting about the money placed in a pair of shoes. He realised shortly after and managed to salvage some of the money from the waste.

An onion the size of a human head

One worker at a site in Gwynedd was given the shock of his life when he saw what he thought was a human head sticking out of a black bag on a recycling skip. Thankfully as he got closer he realised it was just a giant onion which had been grown for a local farming competition.

A deactivated rifle

Recycling centres on Anglesey were surprised to spot a rifle among things left behind, although it was deactivated.

A gun is not the only thing staff came across - they also spotted a boat left behind by a keen recycler.