Llanwrtyd Wells 'scare bear' to guard playing fields

image captionA woman crashed, believing the bear was real and could jump out as she drove

A 10ft wooden bear banned from the roadside for causing a frightened driver to crash has found a new home - out of sight of motorists.

The bear, carved from a tree trunk, stood outside the now-closed Cambrian Woollen Mill on the A483 into Llanwrtyd Wells, Powys, for 15 years.

But it was taken away after a woman crashed, believing it to be real and fearing it was going to jump out.

The bear has a new job - guarding the town's playing fields.

The woman - who is believed to have spent time in Canada where it is common to see bears - told officials the wooden animal caused her to career off the road into a signpost.

Welsh Government officers demanded it be taken away in June.

image copyrightChris Prichard
image captionThe bear was left lying on its side in a lay-by after being removed from its original position for safety reasons

Town councillor Peter James said: "It was a ridiculous decision to take him away, but he is now safely out of sight from drivers so no one else can blame him.

"He is doing what all good bears do and guarding and grazing in our fields - the children here love him."

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