Hunt for owner of old photos found in Cardiff street

A selection of photos Image copyright Rhiannon Treen-Jones
Image caption The black-and-white photos show an array of different places

A woman who found about 50 photographs in the middle of a road in Cardiff is hoping to reunite them with their rightful owner.

Rhiannon Treen-Jones saw a gift bag with spilled contents on a crossing in Pengam Green.

The 27-year-old photographer scooped it up off the floor, and noticed the black-and-white photographs.

The collection includes images of Llandudno and Talyllyn, alongside old-fashioned portrait shots.

Image copyright Rhiannon Treen-Jones
Image caption The photos include old-fashioned portrait shots

Rhiannon's post on Facebook about the gift bag has been shared more than 800 times, and she said if there is no response she may take them to the museum.

She said: "I saw the bag in the middle of the floor on the actual crossing.

"I was quite upset really to think that someone might have lost them."

Image copyright Rhiannon Treen-Jones

So far, Rhiannon has not had any luck finding the owner, after posting in community groups and giving her number to the Tesco on Pengham Green.

"Photos are all you have left, it's very important," she said.

Image copyright Rhiannon Treen-Jones
Image caption Rhiannon Treen-Jones picked up the images and is looking for their owner

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