How do I survive freezing temperatures and snow?

Children on sledges near Bala
Image caption Schoolchildren near Bala made the most of their day off school

With freezing temperatures and weather warnings in place throughout parts of Wales, we want to keep everyone in the know about snow.

The Met Office has amber and yellow warnings for snow and ice in place until 21:00 GMT on Friday and says rural communities could be cut off.

Mobile phone coverage could also be affected in snow-hit areas, the UK weather forecaster warned.

Here's our top tips for staying snow savvy and safe in sub-temperatures.

What do I wear?

Layers, layers and more layers.

Multiple layers of clothing are better than one thick garment because the layers trap air and warm you up.

A lot of your body heat can escape from your head - so always wear a hat!

Also to avoid wet hands from snow, wear latex gloves under your thermal ones.

Sadly it's time to ditch the denim too. Denim sticks to the skin when wet - and takes a long time to dry out.

Image copyright Nikki Wallis
Image caption Parts of north Wales, including the Crimea Pass at Bwlch y Gorddinam in Snowdonia National Park, were blanketed in snow

Help! My car is stuck in the snow

The AA is advising motorists to carry a "winter survival kit" containing items such as an ice scraper, de-icer and a blanket.

Next, dig away the snow and ice on and around the vehicle and under the tyres.

You must be able to see out of every glass panel in your vehicle before you are safe to drive, according to the Highway Code.

Straighten the wheels and drive off slowly in a low gear, if you can.

The RAC said if you're wheels are spinning, braking gently may help.

Image caption Skirrid mountain near Abergavenny looked very wintry

I'm stuck inside with a power cut

First things first: tell people. This could be a neighbour and your electricity Distribution Network Operator (DNO) that covers your area.

Switch off all appliances, like kettles. These could cause a hazard if power suddenly comes back on.

The Met Office also recommends that people keep fridges and freezers closed with a blanket on them, as this will keep them colder for longer.

Keep a torch and extra batteries to hand, and a phone to make emergency calls.

Image copyright Angharad Jones
Image caption Llanddewi Brefi was snow-covered on Thursday morning

What should I eat and drink?

Good news, it's time to pile on the calories! It's an excuse to keep snacks in the car...

Cold weather can make us dehydrate faster, so make sure you drink lots of water.

More information on how to stay winter ready and safe can be found with The Met Office.

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