Swansea driver fined for nudging baby's pram off crossing

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Retired dinner lady Joyce Jenkins was found guilty of careless driving

A woman who "nudged" her car into a pram carrying a nine-month-old baby to push it off a pedestrian crossing has been fined.

Great-grandmother Joyce Jenkins, 73, was cleared by a jury at Swansea Crown Court of dangerous driving but found guilty of careless driving.

Keranne Jones, 26, said Jenkins' action caused her pram to swing around.

Judge Ifan Wyn Lloyd Jones fined Jenkins £50 and gave her three points on her licence.

'No intention of stopping'

A jury heard the lights turned green as Ms Jones crossed Carmarthen Road, Swansea, with baby daughter Amelia in April last year.

Jenkins, of Mayhill, Swansea, had started pulling forward in her blue Ford Fiesta and witnesses saw her "shouting" and "waving her hands" angrily.

"The blue car started edging forward. I stopped the pram just in case the driver didn't see me," Ms Jones told the court.

But Jenkins again "moved forward and nudged the pram", Ms Jones said.

"It caused it to swing around to the left," she added.

"She had no intention of stopping. It was just to get through those lights whether we were there or not."

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Keranne Jones was crossing Carmarthen Road in Swansea with her nine-month-old daughter Amelia

Driver Judy Williams spotted Jenkins waving her arms and shouting.

"She was driving towards the baby's pram. It was distressing," Ms Williams said.

"The lady in the blue Fiesta continued to drive until she made contact with the pram.

"It was ridiculously dangerous. I thought the pram may tip over. She kept edging and edging forward."