Harry Potter: Tonna fan bags memorabilia world record

Media caption, Look who managed to "Slytherin" to the record books!

A Harry Potter superfan has managed to "Slytherin" to the record books after collecting thousands of pieces of memorabilia.

Victoria Maclean, of Tonna, Neath Port Talbot, has 3,686 individual JK Rowling-related items.

This earned her the Wizarding World Collection world record - which includes the Fantastic Beasts series.

YouTuber Mrs Maclean, 38, said: "I screamed a lot - it was so incredible after all these months."

She was presented with her world record certificate by Guinness World Records on Wednesday.

The arduous task of counting her entire collection involved packing it all up from her home and taking it to the local rugby club where it could be laid out in full.

But the three-day process of packing, unloading, counting and re-packing had to be repeated after Mrs Maclean grouped some items as one when they counted as individuals.

Image caption, Mrs Maclean's collection filled a room in her local rugby club
Image caption, You name it, Victoria's got it, including this miniature sculpture of Hogwarts

This new record, incorporating collectibles from the wider JK Rowling universe, means Mexico City's Menahem Asher Silva Vargas, who has a 3,097-strong Harry Potter collection, keeps his world record.

Mrs Maclean said: "Guinness said, 'If you want, you could go for the Harry Potter record', but my husband would divorce me if I did!"

It was while she was pregnant in 2001 that Mrs Maclean's magical love affair began.

She was watching a segment on Blue Peter about Harry Potter and - two weeks later - had bought and read the first book.

Since then, the mother-of-three has collected every book, DVD, toy, bag, item of clothing and piece of jewellery she can - as well as a host of other collectibles.

Image source, Victoria Maclean
Image caption, "If you see a box, or a trunk, or a drawer, or a cupboard in my house, if you open it, it's just Harry Potter from bottom to top"
Image source, Victoria Maclean
Image caption, Magic moment: Mrs Maclean met Harry Potter star Tom Felton - who played Draco Malfoy - but hopes to meet JK Rowling one day

Her YouTube channel means she often gets sent memorabilia to promote, which helps cut some of the cost, but her collection is worth an estimated £100,000.

Her prized possession is a 24 carat gold-plated Golden Snitch puzzle piece from Japan - one of only 5,000 made - which took six years to track down and buy.

Even with this record - there is still the Holy Grail that eludes her - a first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

"I'll never stop collecting until I really, really have to. I don't smoke, I rarely drink - this is my vice," she added.

As part of the record assessment, all items were assessed and verified by two independent witnesses - one of whom had to be a specialist in the area - and only official merchandise counted towards Mrs Maclean's total.

Some memorabilia items were removed for not having the official labelling.

Image source, Victoria Maclean
Image caption, Which house are you: "Ravenclaw with Slytherin traits and Hufflepuff"

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