County Lines: Llanelli residents 'scared to leave homes'

Amanda Carter
Image caption Amanda Carter said residents are "frightened" by drug-related crime

People have said they are scared to leave their homes over concerns about crimes relating to drug use.

Residents of the Seaside area of Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, said there were "daily" incidents of crimes linked to illegal drugs.

On Monday, 80 people attended a meeting to discuss drug problems and so-called County Lines networks in the town.

Dyfed-Powys Police said it was "working very hard" to investigate the drug issues.

Amanda Carter, a Llanelli resident who organised the meeting, said crime was happening "every day" and she had bought cameras for her home to protect herself.

"People are living in constant havoc here," she said.

"We don't go out after dark. We've got lots of issues here, even County Lines drugs. Everybody's frightened here now."

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Image caption Llanelli councillor Sean Rees said he was "very worried" by the influx of drugs

Ms Carter said there were "drug users in the road fighting, drug dealing in the street in broad daylight" and "Zombie drug users in one position just staying where they are".

She said locals were concerned children in the area will start to be drug trafficked.

Ch Insp Richard Hopkin said: "The police are working very hard at the moment to try and identify the individuals coming into Llanelli to reduce the drug problem there.

"We have also conducted an intense awareness campaign in Llanelli around the County Lines issue and asking people to come forward with information for us so we know exactly what the situation is in Llanelli."

Llanelli councillor Sean Rees said he was "very worried" by the influx of drugs to the town.

"People should not have to feel like they are living in fear of what is about to happen next," he said.

"The growth of the County Line networks where drugs are being moved from bigger cities like Birmingham into our smaller communities presents just the latest challenge in a series of problems for our police."

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