Shane Williams: Welsh rugby star in Everest world record

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Media captionTwo world records were broken in separate games

Former Wales winger Shane Williams has captained a team which broke the world record for playing a rugby match at the highest altitude.

The 14-minute seven-a-side match was played at 6,331m (20,770ft), near Mount Everest base camp and ended 5-5.

It formed part of an "Everest Rugby Challenge" arranged by children's rugby charity Wooden Spoon, which has raised more than £250,000.

Former England Sevens player Ollie Phillips captained the other side.

Williams said the "inhospitable conditions" had ensured the game was "incredibly tough".

"If you ran during the match it took 10 minutes to recover," he added.

A world record was also broken for the highest touch rugby match, which was played at 5,119m (16,794ft).

Guinness World Records has confirmed both records.