Stolen Cardiff Castle stones for sale on eBay

Cardiff castle

Stones taken from Cardiff Castle have appeared for sale on eBay - with bids starting from £300.

The stones, advertised as "11th Century limestone rocks", were taken from the Norman shell tower inside the castle by a tourist in May last year.

The listing, which has since been taken down, said the rocks were "a fantastic opportunity for someone who is thrilled to own a piece of history".

The seller has offered to return the stones if the castle asks for them.

Speaking anonymously to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, they said: "I decided that I wanted to take something from this castle as a memory.

"I looked at the ground, saw some bits decaying and falling pieces of rock and took them with me. Anyone can really take anything on the ground."

They claimed the idea to put the stones for sale was to "prove" people wrong about their worth.

The seller, who the post suggested was located in Bristol, said the rocks were "less than a hand fist size" but they would be happy to return them to the castle if asked.

"There is no intention for selling them really. The real purpose for listing them on eBay is to see whether they have any value or whether people will be willing to buy them," the seller said.

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Staff at the castle tweeted: "We have contacted the seller on eBay to request these items are returned, otherwise we'll be asking South Wales Police for some assistance.

"We're busy calculating the Keep's worth at £300 per brick."

Cardiff council, which owns the castle, has been asked to comment.

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