Litter fine warning for feeding birds in Cardiff

Cardiff's Council's Facebook post says 'make sure that birds are present at the time of feeding' or face a £100 fine Image copyright Facebook | Cardiff Council
Image caption The council has been highlighting the issue of litter in the city as part of its Keep Cardiff Tidy campaign

People are being warned they could be fined £100 for littering if they leave bird feed on the streets of Cardiff.

The action by the city's council has prompted criticism from residents and a conservation group.

The RSPB charity called on the authority to "look at ways it can encourage people to help our birds responsibly".

The council said uneaten bird food "attracts other pests and makes life difficult for nearby residents".

It posted the warning online, saying "make sure that birds are present at the time of feeding" or face a £100 fine.

One person branded the policy "nonsense" on the council's Facebook page and another said it was a "nice gesture" to feed the birds.

In a follow-up statement, the council said "enforcement officers would always speak to the person first about the issue" and a fine would be issued "only if further and repeated incidents were witnessed".

The bird conservation charity, the RSPB, called on the council to "offer alternative areas and activities where people can get close to nature".

"For many of us feeding the birds is our first memory of interacting with nature in the wild," it said.

"This experience can be an important step towards understanding our natural world and appreciating that we all play a role in caring for it."

The council is running a campaign called Love Where You Live in a bid to tidy up areas.

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