Homes evacuated as River Wye level rises in Monmouth

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Levels on the River Wye continue to rise following heavy rain at the weekend

Residents have been urged to leave their homes over the threat of a river bursting its banks.

The 34 properties near to the River Wye in Monmouth, Monmouthshire, form part of Riverside Residential Park, but 16 people have said they will stay.

Overnight accommodation is being provided by a multi-agency team.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has issued a flood warning for the river and wants those living in the homes to leave before it turns into a rescue.

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Some residents at Riverside Residential Park have chosen to stay in their homes

It said a police officer would stay on site throughout the night to advise anyone trying to return to stay away.

Jo Lee, whose home has been flooded, said: "I was quite frightening because I didn't have any lighting or anything and it was getting quite dark… I didn't like it at all. It unnerved me completely."

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A multi-agency team made up of police, firefighters and council staff is helping residents

Tim England, NRW operations manager said: "Recent heavy rain across south Wales is causing the river level on the Wye in Monmouth to rise and will continue to rise for the next few hours.

"The rain may have subsided, but some river levels are still rising as peaks move downstream."

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A car has been left in the middle of a road
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A pile of soaked rugs and carpet have been left on a street corner

On Saturday, more than 100mm (4in) of rain fell in 24 hours in some places, according to the Met Office.

Emergency crews rescued people from cars stuck in floods and about 25 homes in Skenfrith, Monmouthshire, were evacuated.

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This property in Swansea was under redevelopment when the front collapsed

Direct rail services between north and south Wales have also been affected due to flood damage.

In Swansea, the front of a house under development collapsed during the heavy rain.