Show people they matter at Christmas Archbishop of Wales says

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The Most Rev John Davies
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The Most Rev John Davies says a card or present is a means of telling someone you care

People need to be shown they matter, the Archbishop of Wales has said in his Christmas message.

The Most Rev John Davies said at a time when the country is divided, a card or present is a means of telling someone you care.

He said communities around the world "face profound challenges and chilling threats".

Mr Davies will be delivering his message at Brecon Cathedral on Christmas Day from 11:00 GMT.

"The giving of a gift ought never to be a mere gesture, rather it should be a tangible way of expressing affection, love or regard for the person to whom it's given," he said.

"Whether it's an expensive gift, something much simpler or, frankly, just a card, any gift is a means of saying to someone else 'I care, you matter'."

He added: "As we come to another Christmas and again celebrate the gift, to the world, of Jesus, the world's need of justice, peace and love are all too obvious.

"Whatever may have been the outcome of the general election, the election campaign exposed sharp divisions in our country, and much of the language of the campaign was anything but inspiring.

"Please recognise the potential which you have to be a living gift of truth and love to others and to the world around by receiving and welcoming the gift of Jesus Christ and his teachings."