Lamb tortured and blinded by two boys in Caernarfon

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Two boys threw the lamb to one another while seven girls laughed

A lamb was blinded in a "wicked act" of torture by two boys believed to be about 12 or 13 years old, police have said.

North Wales Police said it had been left "truly appalled" by the "torturing, hurting and ultimately blinding a defenceless animal".

It happened in the Waterloo Port area of Caernarfon, on 9 February and police are trying to trace the boys involved.

Police said the lamb's back was broken and it may have to be put down.

Officers have urged seven girls who were seen watching and laughing to come forward and urged people to do the "right thing".

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The force's rural crime team tweeted: "Sadly we deal with cruelty on a daily basis as part of our job but to realise children could do something so awful shocks us."

In a video posted on Twitter, PC Dewi Evans said the lamb also suffered a back injury after the boys were seen "throwing the lamb to one another" and "trying to throw it into a stream".

In a second video posted on social media, Rob Taylor who manages the rural crime team, made a direct appeal to the children involved.

He said: "Our appeal is to those children - don't have sleepless nights, have a chat with your parents and discuss the right thing to do."

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