Coronavirus: Dodgy DIY haircuts spark video tutorials

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How easy is it to cut your own hair? BBC Wales reporter Nick Palit got his clippers out to have a go

Imagine sitting through a work video call with only half your hair shaved, a mullet, or a chunk cut out.

Weeks into lockdown this is the reality for some, after attempting a DIY cut - or even letting their kids have a go.

You might be able to style it out, but after seeing a few disasters a Carmarthenshire hairdresser has come to the rescue with video tutorials.

Edward Rees said he had seen "wedges and lines" where clients had tried to shave their partner's hair.

"I have seen all sorts, a few clients have sent me photos of what they have done to their husbands and clients," he said.

"Some are almost impossible to remove without shaving it shorter, I thought these tutorials might help to blend it in."

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For one council leader the DIY hair disaster could not have happened at a worse time.

Rhondda Cynon Taf leader Andrew Morgan had to sit through a video call with Welsh Government ministers with only half his head shaved, after his electric razor ran out of charge halfway through.

He managed to style it out by being extra careful about his angles during the call.

"Luckily I sat facing the camera the whole time so the back couldn't be seen," he added.

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Stuck at home, some people have enlisted their children to help them cut their hair

Edward, who runs Morgan Edward salons in Carmarthen and Llandeilo, started his online video tutorials after being sent pictures and being asked for help and tips from clients.

"It makes people feel a bit better than letting their hair go wild, I have never done a video like that before but the response has been amazing," he said.

He said you should cut your hair when it is dry, due to hair being longer when wet, and if possible, get someone to do it for you.

Edward, who has had to close his two salons during the outbreak and furlough staff, said many people would now not have had their hair done for a long time, and those that have fringes would be in need of a trim.

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Edward used his seven-year-old son Guy's hair in one of the videos

While most people with short hair are recommended to get their hair cut every five to six weeks, for those with longer hair it can be closer to eight weeks.

"It is very tricky to do it on your own, I'm going to have to do it myself at some point," he said.

But what if you give it a go and you end up with a lopsided fringe or a mullet?

"Do not worry about it, you shouldn't be seeing anyone anyway," he said.

"You should only be seeing people in your household, unless you are a key worker."