Coronavirus: Footpath near cystic fibrosis boy's home closed

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Gruff and some lambsImage source, Elliw Angharad
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Gruff, 7, needs fresh air to help with his cystic fibrosis

The family of a boy with cystic fibrosis has said a "weight has been lifted" after a footpath near their home was closed.

Eilir Jones, whose seven-year-old stepson Gruff has the condition, put up signs urging people to stop using the route outside their home in Ruthin.

But Denbighshire council officers removed them and re-opened the path.

However, on Tuesday, the council admitted the path should be closed and was the "right thing to do".

Image source, Elliw Angharad
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The signs were put up to stop people walking on the path, but council officers removed them

Elliw Angharad, Gruff's mother, said her son must be outside for long periods and the path near their house can attract up to 200 walkers each day, leaving him vulnerable to coronavirus.

"He needs more exercise than most adults or other children because of the condition - he needs to open up his lungs and get rid of the mucus," she said.

Mrs Jones said: "We use the same gates as everyone else. It could be us bringing it [coronavirus] to Gruff."

Image source, Elliw Angharad
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The path runs through fields near the family home

Denbighshire council said: "Due to the farm being home to a child who could be very vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus, it was felt the increased use of these paths was likely to be of mutual concern to all.

"It was agreed that two footpaths in the area will therefore be closed until the situation eases - although the matter will be kept under regular review.

"The council apologises for the inconvenience this action may well cause but would ask that walkers respect this decision given its context and make use of the many other walking opportunities available in the vicinity."