Coronavirus deaths: Weekly fall in total number of fatalities

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There have been a total of 2,240 deaths involving coronavirus in Wales, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics.

These are deaths of people confirmed or suspected of having Covid-19 up to 29 May.

In Wales, there were 105 deaths in the seven days to that date - the lowest weekly total since March and the fifth successive fall in the weekly total.

The virus accounted for 17.9% of all deaths registered.

The number of deaths for all causes fell to 587 - still 41 higher than the five-year average for this week. But this number of so-called "excess" deaths is lower than the previous week.

Deaths registered in Wales. All causes and those involving Covid-19 by week.  The difference between 2020 and average shows so-called 'excess' deaths.

This is often used as a key measure, by comparing deaths to what we might typically expect to see at this time of year, with the likes of seasonal illnesses such as flu.

Public Health Wales also reports figures daily but these are mostly from Welsh hospitals and only those when the virus has been confirmed in a laboratory test.

So this is 891 fewer deaths up to 29 May than the ONS figures, but the ONS numbers are regarded as more accurate and also include those deaths that happened in care home and people's own homes.

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